Installations for fat addition into the mixer during the
Manufacturing process of compound feed


1. Small receiver tank
2. Loading pump
3. Tank
4. Non return valve
5. Safety valve
6. Manometer
7. Filter
8. Flowmeter
9. Piping resistance
10. Pneumatic passing valve
11. Filter
12. Dispensing pump
13. Boiler
14. Circulation pump
15. Steam exchanger
16. Electrical exchanger


Fat dosing to the mixerFat is one of the most important liquid that is used in the manufacturing process of compound feed.  It is a general norm that the FAT ADDITION in the feed should be done when this is in flour form and it is put into MIXER with the correct pulverization to reach the best and optimum homogeneity results.

As a general norm all liquid must be carried, stored and injected at minimum temperature necessary for its handling unification. The received fat is filtered (is advisable with little mesh light), in the UNLOADING SMALL TANK, from here it is driven by the UNLOADING PUMP to the STORAGE TANK. The storage tanks or deposits are generally CYLINDRICAL and its base is of conical form. The heated water is put into circulation by the jacket or double bottom to maintain an optimal STORAGE temperature.

The appropriate FAT temperature will be maintained thanks to the heated water circulation by the jackets or double bottom on the last conical part of the tanks, insertion of water chambers circulating in PUMPS and FLOWMETERS, the trays on the valves by the BITUBULAR system on the piping, and the placement of RESISTANCES controlled on determinate sections by thermostats.

The heating of the water and to circulate it several heating systems are used: steam exchanger, small boiler with electrical resistances, boilers of diesel-oil, of gas, electrical, etc.

Once the FAT is optimized in TEMPERATURE (Fluidity), and FILTERED from impurities, it is ready to be incorporated, injecting it and pulverizing it to the flour of MIXER. The INCORPORATION PUMP is in charge of the injection. The pulverization is determined by the INJECTORS and the dosage control by the COUNTER or FLOWMETER, which should give the information to the DISPENSER COUNTER, as well as, to the TOTALIZER COUNTER. If the HEATING is important, it must also be important the HEAT-RESISTANT or INSULATION in order to avoid the cooling or losing energy. The glass fiber blankets with final fastening of semi hard aluminum sheet or another system and in some sections with resistances or glass fiber bands of appropriate thickness are used to reach the optimal insulation.

Pioneer enterprise in this production area, has created a joint or generalized type of installations, to make easier the use of several types of liquids, to the feed manufacturers which is essential in all formulations of compound feed. Installations and equipments are conceived only and exclusively to optimize to the maximum the liquid additions or incorporations, controlling in a very detailed way from the first moment and with the great experience acquired in this area, all technical aspects that surround this type of installations.

Fat dosing to the mixer