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Based in Denmark for over 15 years with industry experience of +25 years, Agrotechnology is an award-winning firm offering a wide range of own concepts of high-tech agricultural machinery solutions.

While putting the customer and his/ her needs in the centre and using computer-aided engineering and design technology, Agrotechnology manufactures state of the art technology and designs customized solutions in Denmark and Germany.

Having extensive experience within the industry Agrotechnology uses their knowledge in order to consult their clients in making sure the best solution for the respective need is chosen. Taking pride in their high quality and reliability the brand stands for cutting edge engineering, long endurance, low maintenance and state of the art but robust technology.

The two areas Agrotechnology operates in are:


Solutions for animal feed production

  • Single machinery for animal feed production

Aspiration systems

Reference projects

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Participation in soybean terminal construction. We are the main supplier of transport systems with performance of 300 t/h, local filters, grain cleaning equipment as well as loaders and unloaders from vessels with performance of 300 t/h.

Pelleting line with performance of 30 t/h including BOA Compactor as well as local filters.

Supply of 2 pelleting lines - 15 t/h every, system of Pellets  covering with oil and enzyme, mixer for 6000 liters including water feed system as well as local filters.

Supply of line of Pellets  covering with oil and enzyme, local filters, great quantity of discharge chimney valves, two- and three-way valves.

Supply of transport systems with performance of 800 t/h, local filters, dust-exhaust systems, ventilators, compressors and 2 on-line scales with performance of 600 t/h every.

Total reconstruction of feed-milling plant with performance of 40 t/h with 2 lines of pelleting - 20 t/g every, including line of line of soybean toasting with performance of 9 t/h.

Premixes manufacturing plant consisting of 35 stainless steel silo towers, stainless steel mixer, transport systems, local filters and other required equipment. Plant performance is 8-10 t/h. Dosage accuracy is 12 silo towers: +/- 2 g., following 12 silo towers: +/-5 g., 10 silo towers: +/-20 g. and one silo tower for mill offals dosing: +/- 100 g.

Supply of press-pelletizer with performance of30 t/h.