• printer;
  • stock control;
  • automatic dozing;
  • automatic control of hummer grinding machines, pelleting presses and etc.


Hardware-software complex of processing equipment control

Apparatus part of agro-industry is carried out at Siemens and Beckhoff programmable controllers which allow to carry out independent conventional processing of input signals from sensors, input-output digital signals as well as communication link with automated working station of operation through specialized  local network (LN) via interface RS-485 and via internet.

Programs of controllers of lower level, controlling processing equipment and programs of upper level executed in computing machine automated working station of operator and providing execution of data communication protocol between controllers, weight processors and controlling computing machine automated working station of operator are included into the basic software APCS.

Control of hummer grinding machine and pelletizer is carried out from the automated working station of operator via Siemens controllers. Input of parameters and control of parameters of grinding and pelleting process is possible via operator panels mounted in close vicinity to equipment.

Control of dosing process and product transportation is carried out from automated working station of operator via Siemens or  Beckhoff controllers. For increase of dosing accuracy, control of rotation speed of metering screw conveyer via frequency transducers VLT Danafoss or Siemens Sinamics is provided in the project.

mt_ignoreSpeed of supply of every product is set in recipe.
Automated working station of operator provides control of data bases of:

  • all the receipts produced at this automated working station;
  • record-keeping of process of dosing in batches and weightings;
  • record-keeping of reasons of transport equipment refusals.


Application of remote periphery allows to reduce quantity of laid control cables and to increase interference protection of system. Smooth start devices of MCD 202 or MCD 500 models applied for electric drives of Hammermills and Pelletpress provide control of electric motors start in mode of current limiting (Current Limit) and include number of electric motor protection functions.

Main advantages of devices for smooth start consist in those what they provide:

  • Simple and flexible control of starting current and torque moment.
  • Smooth regulation of voltage and current, absence of throws and drops at starting.
  • Possibility of frequent start.
  • Possibility of response to changing conditions of start.
  • Decrease of quantity of laid cables.


Smooth application of torque moment at start allows avoiding mechanical stresses.
For provision of safety performance of auxiliary or repair works, emergency switches which reliably disconnect accessories from electric circuits are provided in the project.

Emergency switch in addition is the main switch in protection enclosure, i.e. switch provided for control of individual loads and mounted in close proximity to electric motor or electric loading.
This allows to provide safe operation according to VDE 0105 standards.